Everything Xen

Everything Xen is a web-based Citrix XenServer hypervisor and virtual machine control center designed to configure and manage your entire virtual environment. This turnkey solution allows you to conduct seamless migrations and has the most advanced features in disaster recovery technologies. No agents to install on host servers and you can access everything Xen from any device.

  • Robust interactive dashboard overview
  • View active hosts and VMs
  • Monitor server pool resource usage
  • Visualization of VDIs, CPUs and RAM
  • Customize weekly statistics
  • Health checks for storage and alarms

  • Advanced disaster recovery technologies
  • Restore virtual server images in seconds
  • Continuous replication and snapshots
  • File level backups and restoration
  • Differential incremental Delta backups
  • Backups to NFS and SMB secure remotes
  • HA (High Availability) fail-over features
  • Backup reports and notifications

  • Manage your virtual servers
  • Dynamic VM console access
  • Stop, start and reboot
  • CPU, RAM, disk and network stats
  • On demand snapshots
  • Expand virtual drives
  • Migrate or copy virtual servers
  • Export virtual images as XVA

  • Manage your host server hardware
  • Host console access
  • CPU, RAM, disk and network stats
  • Configure network interfaces
  • Remote hardware reboots
  • View server logs

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